LAS VEGAS!!! The rest of the Story

Eiffle Tower, LasVegas Style

Belagio Glass Umbrellas hung over sky lights.

We have been on the road since last Wednesday. After spending 3 very unusual days in LasVegas we were ready, really ready to move on. While we love the beautiful parts of this city, the under current of promiscuity begins to wear on me. I find myself feeling edgy and a little cranky after a bit. That is why we should only stay 2 nights and then leave while I am taken by the glamorous side and blind to the rest. The older I get the quicker the edgy side sets in.

Construction on LasVegas Blvd.
next to Bellagio

Nevada, you see, is very sharp both in shape and in disposition. On the first day of our visit we walked the LasVegas strip just taking in the the mood and ambiance of the city. Every time we return I see changes that take me by surprise. I know that our country is not having a good time financially. People are in debt up to their eyeballs and foreclosure on homes is extremely high. Still the city that never sleep seems to be prospering. Building is burgeoning and the streets and parking lots are absolutely jammed. Judging from appearance only, not by any facts that I have gathered, the crowd is not prosperous or even stable. I have never seen so much cleavage or heard profanity quite this bad…ever. Maybe it is only symptomatic of the education level of the general population of maybe LasVegas is just slipping into the pool of sin that it is billed for. Who knows. At least they are saying what happens in LasVegas stays in LasVegas…I really hope so!

We spent our second day in down town LasVegas where “The Race For the Cure” has just finished up and crowds were thinning out and going home as we arrived. I know that the people of this city have turned a blind eye to most of what goes on here but I think that downtown is where you find the real under belly of the city. It is just more and more down and dirty. I wish we had come earlier to see the racers come in.

We will continue to come back every few years to check it out. I wanted to just get out and see what was up with the crowds this time. It was an experience I will never forget. Next time we probably do what we usually do. We will stick with the places and restaurants we enjoy, play a little video poker with our nickels, get in a few rounds of golf and see a show if we are in the notion and maybe, just maybe, not mingle so much.

We are staying in Lake Shasta City here in California tonight. The weather is warm and Mt. Shasta looms over the camp ground. It is so good, after all these months, to be surrounded by our beloved evergreens and see the trees in bloom. But, would you believe, I am already wondering what we will see the next time we travel. Have a wonderful day.


I need to say a heartfelt thank you to The Fearless Blog. They chose me as one of their monthy inspirational blogs. I was so flattered.


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