She’s A Cat Lady!!!



Has it only been a week since we left Tucson? I keep asking “Is it Wednesday yet!” Maybe time seems to go slowly sometimes because I am a cautious human. I wonder on occasion how it is that 3WW knows what I am wanting to write. They just hit it on the head one more time. Thank you.

I came home thinking about my unusually cautious cat that chose us as its humans and is always thinking “Maybe I will and Maybe I won’t”. So I think you should revisit the post from last year called
Oh My Gosh She’s a Cat Lady.

The RV park where we were staying was on the waters of Corpus Christi Bay under the freeway that goes across to Portland, Texas. This is where RV the Cat was living before he decided to come to Oregon.

Corpus Christi, Texas

The hurricanes in this area make
elevating houses on the water necessary.

Carbon plant on the water way.
Corpus Christi, TX

There is nothing quite as wonderful as buying shrimp right off the boat. The Pelicans are ever ready for a misstep or a dropped fish. Flying by your head at every opportunity lets you know that they will do anything to get what you have.
Near Corpus Christi, Texas

USS Lexington, Corpus Christi, Texas

The trailer park where we were chosen by our cat.
Opera music streamed from the windows of buses like this.

This trailer was parked in LasVegas but could have been parked in Corpus Cristi just as easily. Home is where the heart is! Note flowers by the front door.

Traveling never quits giving back. We actually made this trip several years ago. I continue to learn that worldly possession are not what make us happy and content. Making the most of what we have and keeping life very simple truly could be the key to happiness. What do you think?



4 thoughts on “She’s A Cat Lady!!!

  1. this was such a refreshing post… i have topop over and have a read on the cat lady one… but i just wanted to say material things are so unimportant,, but until you have had the opportunity to purge their excess from your lifestyle,, you will never know… i am so glad you know….

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