Doors…a post on domestic violence.

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a post on Inspire Me Thursday
The Door :: A Woman’s Journey from
Domestic Violence Victim to Survivor

If the doorway is hidden from your eye
And you must turn to another to find the key
Do not be proud.
Let those who will help you find your way.

Hidden Doorway
Tubac, AZ

“You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means pushing open the heavy groaning doorway to life “
Daisaku Ikade

The woman may thinks that abuse is inescapable.
We must know that we are very valuable.
We must love ourselves and then we can
Assume that the others will love us.
Those who make us look small in order to make themselves look big are not our lovers.
So I say to you now, Love yourself as much as you would love your child. You must do this first.
It is a lot easier pass into the door of abuse
than is it to pass the other way.


Escape is not impossible.

Other women are here to help you.
An elephant can be eaten and
so a tiger can be escaped.
I say Run!!!


San Xavier Mission, Tucson, AZ

Santa Barbara Mission
Santa Barbara, California

Many times the door way is a step up into something wonderful and uplifting. Others require us to step down into a darker place. If we would just peek inside
We would know whether to

Take a stride forward
Or to run.

Granada, Spain

Madrid, Spain

The color of the door
might tell you some thing
As might the size.
The Doorway to riches is big
but very very heavy.

the bull ring arena door
the sombre (shaded) door is much larger
than the sol (sun).
Costa del Sol, Spain.

The doorway to a sunny spot may surprise you
When you find that it is smaller than the other.
Be careful which door you enter.
Do not take the easy door
Or the big door
Unless you know where it leads you.


Many thanks to Inspire Me Thursday


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