A Challenge

Here in the United States it is Mother’s Day. We hold our mothers in our arms and say thank you for all that they did for us. If our mothers have passed away we thank our daughters and daughter-in-laws for being such good mothers. It is Mother’s Day!

So here is the challenge for all that feel there is no hope for anything and post about death and drugs and depression:

For the next ten days post only positive poems, stories and personal history. We can make our own truth!!! I challenge you to smile and be happy!!! If I could call each of you on the telephone each day to remind you, I would. I will be watching but post a comment to let me know if you have taken the challenge. Maybe an epidemic of joy can fill the air in memory of our mothers. I hope so!!



3 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. i don’t suppose you could be referring to me by chance?? i know.. some days i am the voice of doom… its just me… i write what manifests itself that day,, and when it is doom and gloom… so be it… but i will try,, to at least intend to write something cheerful.. i doubt i can pull of ten days… but i will do my best… happy mothers day !!!! there,, how was that???LOL!!!!!!

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