For the Love of Elena

Day 4 of writing with a joyful heart.

Did I ever tell you how much I love my grandchildren? Well I do. Today my granddaughter, Elena, and I went shopping for her birthday clothes and then went out to lunch at a “fancy but not too quiet restaurant”. She is 11 now and we have always been great shopping friends.

She picked out a pair of shoes for me when she was only 5…a pair of Teva water sandals that I still love. I will never forget her looking up at me from the floor where she was carefully putting them on my feet and saying, “Aren’t they beautiful Grandma”.

Yes they were Elena, and so are you! I love you.

Grandma Barbara


One thought on “For the Love of Elena

  1. what a sweet post… and such an adorable grand daughter.. i just want to let you know i am posting what i feel are joyous poems.. not everyone seems to think so,, but they are turning points,, and epiphanies and moments of truth,, and in them i find much joy… today i posted two.. one on just paisley…. and one on the ink pot…i do not believe joy has to be the same thing as gaiety,, sometimes it is subtler,, yet every bit as fulfilling…

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