Education, Earthquakes, Animals(?)

Positive Post # 6…things that interest me.

Sense on Common Sense … check this out. My son wrote a post from Shanghai, China about technology and the ranking of schools in this most important arena of education for our children. 21 century learning may need a kick in the seat of the pants!!!

China’s response to earthquake disaster
is another you should take a look at. Could we have done the same when Katrina hit? Will the rest of the world learn lessons from how the Chinese government and army went into action to help their people? Maybe, just maybe they were watching us and learned a lesson.

Warning signs for disaster are something we always think about. In China the warning signs were there. But do we shut down everything when toads wander in the streets? Very, very interesting.

I was also interested in finding a resource that documented the relationship between high gas prices and pollution. I don’t have time to dig all day but a cursory check did not reveal anything but political slanted sites. Maybe you can send me to a reliable source.

Off to a baseball game that my granddaughter is playing and Curves. (Just signed up yesterday). Have a wonderful day.


One thought on “Education, Earthquakes, Animals(?)

  1. Great links, Barbara. The one on education – at 4:05 into the video, he mentioned a major point. It is not so much memorizing all the information as knowing how to find it – and, of course, what to do with it.Animal’s as warning – shame that if the gov’t doesn’t get the info – citizens that witness it could disseminate the info via media and blogs and calling family and friends. Even if they couldn’t evacuate, they would have been aware and could take small steps to mitigate things falling – wouldn’t save the masses of humans, but every life saved or injury prevented is a good thing.

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