Coffee, Sleep and Blogging

Positive Post #7 (even though I cannot sleep)

No more mocha java
In the afternoon for me.

Because there will be
No sleep tonight it seems.
I hate it when
I cannot sleep.
I do not worry,
I cannot think,
I do not want to watch TV,
I’m really tired
And I am not hungry.
I cannot work
It is dark
My eyes are too tired to read.
So what does one do
In the middle of the night.
Oh, I know,
Lets write a blog!!!

That would be just fine…

But I (did I say that once) am tired,
I cannot think,
My eyes are tired
I cannot read.
I hate it when I cannot sleep.



3 thoughts on “Coffee, Sleep and Blogging

  1. I’m blaming my insomnia on the Scorpio full moon that buidling outside and lighting up my bedroom (its seems the Scorp moon sends me a little nuts)I’ve written an entire post on the topic of your comments question – about how goes it being a ‘paid’ writer!

  2. So. The positive here was, “no more mocha java/in the afternoon…” meaning, in theory, you will try not to make that mistake again? Grin.My failing is tea as late as 8 or 8:30. But when I get overtired and cannot sleep, I am still hungry.Hope your house sells sooner than later. We hear today if they accepted our counteroffer.

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