35′ 2002 Dolphin+ Subaru Tow Vehicle $72,000

NEW PRICING INFORMATION AVAILABLE…2002 Dolphin Rv+Subaru Forester $72,000

Making a bargain…doing a deal…offering less than asked…negotiating the final price. No matter what you call it, people in the United States are just not willing to talk about the price, what they are willing to pay and how the seller might work with them.

We have traveled throughout the world. Almost everywhere we travel we find that people expect to bargain for almost everything that they are selling person to person. But in the United States when you go to a market or even a used car lot, people are very fearful of insulting the person they are bargaining with. We are just not good at it in any way.

We are getting ready to sell our house and have had our RV on the market for several months. So we have bargaining on our minds right now. When we were visiting with our real estate agent, we discussed this issue. He said that people in the United States and in this area in particular will buy house at just around 2% of the asking price. Can you believe that?

So here are a few ideas I have about the process:

  1. Look in a price range at least 10% above what you want to spend and keep in mind your budget.
  2. When you are pricing your property, whether it be real estate or recreational vehicles, ask at least 10% (more or less depending on where you live) more than you intend to take. You can always lower the price (which we do if we don’t sell).
  3. Make an offer…what is the worst that can happen…they can say no or come back with a counter offer. When a member of our family asked about making an offer on a house, I told him to offer 15% less…SURPRISE…the seller took the offer!
  4. Don’t give up. If you are really interested, you will pay more, AND the seller refuses out of hand, make another offer. If you are dealing face to face, take your spouse, a friend or relative along. Play good cop, bad cop. One of you is going to refuse to make the deal and the other is going to convince him/her to negotiate further. In most cases this is not a ploy but simply the way it actually happens. AND IT CAN BE FUN!
  5. Be honest, prepared and have your financing figured out before you even leave your house. Trust me you can loss a deal when you don’t have this taken care of.
  6. In the used RV or car sales world cashiers checks are not going to work if you don’t go to the bank with the person and see that the check is good…if they are at their bank, ask for cash! Wow, what a concept. The bank that holds the loan on your property with not release the title until the check has cleared. I wouldn’t let anyone take my RV or even move into our house until this has happened. There is too much fraud when it come to cashiers check anymore and you can read about this online at almost every sales site. Got to ebay and check that out.

When you get over the fear of negotiating for what you want to buy, you will find that you have in many cases been paying to much. I found this out from friends that have been salesmen all their lives. Talk to the owner of the store if you are in a small store and negotiate what will work for both of you. Buy an RV (PICK MINE PLEASE) at a price you can live with. Make your money go further today!!!


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