Sunday Scribblings…we never quit learning!


Remember when we thought everything we saw on TV was real? We could not figure out how anyone could leap over a building in a single bound but we admired the talent of someone that could. The singing monkey held our attention for 30 minutes and we wanted to be able to do THAT!!! Disclaimers were necessary to make sure that people did not hurt themselves…”please do not try this at home” followed scenes of stunt men leaping from moving cars. America’s Funniest Home Videos grew out of a nation trying to jump over burning campfires and Aunt Marcia doing cart wheel over the cactus plants because they had seen someone do it on TV.

So when did the awful truth hit us…when did our sense of wonder go away…when did we know that paper mache, clay and computer graphics were the real supermen and stunt machines? It just occurred to me this morning as I was watching a commercial that something has happened to our brains, a collective mutation as it were and no child or adult will ever again be filled with that sense of wonder that I experienced as a child in front of my TV. Instead they will be amazed at the wonders of a reality where computers think and dare I say create. I was beginning to think that minds would only be awed by advancement in technology.

Then a realization hit me…humans have come full circle. We never quit learning and changing. In the end the things that will bring wonder to our lives are the creations of nature and the ingenuity of humans. I am renewed by the thought.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings…we never quit learning!

  1. This is an optimistic and hopeful post. I am amazed and delighted that the magic of computers makes it possible to share with this blogging community. And nature is still there, pine scent and lilac blossom, mountain peak and restless ocean.There is no need for us to lose our sense of wonder!

  2. what this brings to my mind,, is how now the biggest thing in tv is reality… wow.. if that isn’t a trip… we used to love things larger and more beautiful than life,, and now we wanna see the little guy or the c list celebrity do something really stupid… i cannot say i think that is progress… but in the case of the video chat you used as your visual,, now that is something to “write home about!!!”

  3. We Skype (video) Leon’s sister and brother in the US and England. It is a wonderful use of technology. I agree with the lack of wonder, but also with the hopeful conclusion to your post. And we can still instill that wonder in the children – we may just have to work at it a bit.

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