Who is Listening??? Good Question.

Waiting by the gate

I heard a voice soft and sweet.

I had asked for water for my soul

The gate opened wide and I knew

That the answer was within

And as I gazed at the keeper

I realized

It was me that held the key.


Arizon Inn, Tucson AZ.

I have just returned from reading Write Stuff where D. Challener asked the question “Who is Listening?” It seems that Challener is embroiled in a drama, has no friends in town save the significant other (who cannot help) and needs, really needs someone to talk to.

Because those of us that blog try to remain somewhat distant from our audience, hide behind walls of generalities and never discuss the really important troubling parts of our lives online, the blog was not going to solve the drama. But still the blogger, like all of us, feels a kinship with our online relationships. So the question was directed at us “who is listening?” and who do we talk to when we need help.

Well, in a sense, yes we do listen. We feel free to ramble on in comments and share similar experiences or give unwanted advice. There is a safety in this world, an unlikelihood that we will ever see the consequences of someone taking our advice and having it go wrong. Taking that into account it would appear that we are not a good audience to ask direction from. However, if you only need someone to listen and nod in agreement allowing you to find your own way, then we are the best friends you have. We can listen forever!! 🙂

Note: I will admit that I left a comment on the “Who is Listening” blog. I needed to say that I truly believe that the spiritual part of our nature will help us to solve problems…it is a source of great strength and inspiration, at least for me.



One thought on “Who is Listening??? Good Question.

  1. i cannot tell you how many times i have been deeply moved or sparked to action or contemplation by a comment.. i for one have no trouble talking about what i really is really going on inside my little pea brain.. i can beat around the bush in real life if i want to ,, but here,, with the benefit of people from all different walks of life at my disposal,, i want to get to the meat of things….i don’t care who is listening,, because it is often the one that i least expect,, that will say the most profound things in response to my quandary….

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