Does It Hurt to be Glamorous?

Desert Home?
Palm Springs RV Park

by b

I am just now learning to be a city girl. In the past I have lived near sage brush and wheat land. Now I am near the coffee shop, a kitchen shop and a nail spa. I can eat a fancy restaurants and call a taxi when I am down town to take me to where I want to be. If I was going to live this city girl part then I needed to look the city girl part. I knew that the time had come and I was following the trail blazed by many women before me.

I indulged in the fantasy that I might try to look more like citified women. Once I had begun thinking about it I wanted it all. I wanted to be glamorous…wear all my jewelry in one day, get my eyelashes permed and my eyebrows tattooed on. A color weave and a pedicure and rhinestones on my fancy purse were on the have to have list. I wanted high heels that killed my feet but made me almost 6′ tall. It seemed that being glamorous would be so much fun.

All my friends had beautiful nail extensions and pedicures and wore diamond pendants at their throats. They had homes in the desert and talked of parties with caterers and pianist hired to play in the background. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be glamorous too.

So I had nail extension put on! OW!!! It really hurt. The manicurist used a Dremel tool to sand my already thin nails down to nothing, installed nails that made me look like Dracula poking them into the quick under my already damaged nails. Then she applied jell filler, clipped two inches from the extensions and sent me on my merry glamorous way. Three weeks later, yesterday to be precises, I returned to have the nails upgraded or retro fitted or what ever the heck those people do. OW!!! It really hurt a lot this time. I was squirming in my chair, complaining and used words like delicate flower and my poor hands and damn! It really, really hurt. After paying my money, I went on my merry way flashing my beautiful French manicure.

I am beginning to wonder what is it with beautiful, glamorous women that they would not say even one word about the pain of the nail extensions? I don’t understand how they could not complain or warn me. Do the color weaves hurt? Does it hurt when they pull your hair up through one of those little caps to streak your hair? What else are they not telling me? And as for the bikini wax I am sure that someone is not telling me something about that! And how much do those “homes” in the desert cost or are they trailers parked near the airport? As for the diamonds I am getting really suspicious about that too. Could it be possible that these beautiful women just lay in wait for this country girl to fall into one of their “glamor” traps and snicker behind my back?

So if pain and agony is the price I need to pay for the physical part of glamor then I think I am going to quit…well not really quit. But be more careful. You understand! I do love these nails and my hair is just a mess and did you see that they have fake diamonds that you cannot tell from the real thing? There will, however, be more questions asked the next time I consider a change…the first one will be “Does it hurt?”



6 thoughts on “Does It Hurt to be Glamorous?

  1. i had nails for years.. loved them… probably still would but i am way out in the country and there is no where to get them nor do i have the money to keep them up… but i always loved them…

  2. Omigod YES… nobody ever mentions that some beauty treatments can HURT! The first time I had my eyebrows done (the “threading” method used in India and the East) it was absolutely agonising. Subsequent treatments were just as bad – but at least I knew what to expect. But I dont think I’m going to get my nails done anytime soon…!

  3. Don’t ask about bikini waxes. According to the woman who does my brows, there IS more to it than meets the eye. Or doesn’t. As for nails, I’ve been blessed with really strong ones that are almost impossible to keep a manageable length. No extensions for me, thankyouverymuch.

  4. When I read your post, I just had to tell you about my first nail experience. We didn’t have a nail salon in our town so a friend and I decided we would go to Greensboro, about 30 miles away to get them done. And we did. It was an all day affair. There was just one lady in the shop so we had to wait for her to get us both done. Well when it was all said and done, we had nails so long we couldn’t even unbutton our jeans to go to the bathroom. We laughed until we cried, you should have seen us trying to help each other. It took about a week before either of us could button or unbutton anything……it was a great experience!!It didn’t hurt until I broke a nail. Now let me tell you that was pain.Both of us wore our nails with much pride for a couple of years. We just didn’t let her make them as long as she did the first time.

  5. I had the nails done once, that was enough. When I danced I had the fake ones glued on, but I had spent hours shaping them on all sides to fit exactly. So much work I still have them, I refuse to part with them though I will never wear them again. I had to have help getting dressed. Never was that coordinated, but they looked awesome.

  6. I don’t have long nails any more. I gave it up when I started teaching. Too much hassle. Now I am happy for it. And as I have VERY long hair, I simply plait it down my back and forget all about till the next morning.

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