Why Move When You Can Just Clean!!!

So you think you want to move. The house is too small or you have let it go and need to get a clean one or your spouse has gotten a new job in Timbuktu, Mali or you found a better house just down the street. What ever the reason you need to move.

Some times there is no choice. The reason is valid and you just need to do what you need to do. But, other times we simply chose to make a change. We did that in college…we would move just for a change of scenery. My husband and I are choosing to move. So this is where my next piece of advice will come in handy.

Let’s say you just want a change, an upgrade or a fresh start. Call your real estate agent and have him/her come in and give you the hard news…what you need to do to get the residence ready for a new person to actually want it. Then let him/her say to you that you need to have it all done in the next 7 to 10 days in order for you to get in the spring/summer/fall/winter market. Get the picture…you have a real deadline that you need to meet.

Now you go to work. You replace the carpet on the stairs, scrub and paint every base board, molding, door. You put new light bulbs in every socket and make sure the front porch light actually comes on. You scrub and disinfect the bathroom showers, sinks and under the toilet. You replace faucets and put a rain head on your shower. You paint and paint and paint. You sort and classify, remove the clutter and generally make your house look like a show house. Sit down!!! Look around.

What you will discover is you do not need to move. That place looks so great, clean, new and up-dated that you would actually buy it if you didn’t already own it.

We will list our house tomorrow. We really want to make a change so we will go ahead and make the move. But our house looks so great I would buy it if I didn’t already own it.




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