Run Your Car on Water? Where is the prize for that?

A response came in from Paisley to my post from yesterday (Keep Your Eye on the Prize). Her question was “what i wanna know is why is no one awarding prizes and furthering the development of cars that run on water.. they are out there,, there are several inventors that have produced them,, and are using them… but no one seems to want to run with it… gas is gas,, we still have to deal with the countries that control it,, whether we are using a billion gallons or ten… why not break away all together??????”

Now that is a really good question? An engineer told me the same thing several years ago. I had ask him if there was any alternative to gas that was safe, cheap and available. He yes…hydrogen. You know…that stuff that is part of water. H2O=water. Now the thing is will it happen or will this idea too die because those that profit from the use of gas driven cars will buy this up, make this man a millionaire and bury it away. Or will You Tube and Fox News save the world by sending the message around the world so everyone will know. Maybe the hybrid cars will wean us off gas and the gas companies off of us…maybe that is where the problem is. But as Paisley said, why would we even bother to give $10,000,000 for a car that will go 100 mpg when we could go 800 miles on a quart of water? Why are we not offering a prize for a car that will run on no gas, not pollute, uses something we can all get readily and remain affordable.

Going green, staying viable as a planet and what WE can do are getting to be more and more intertwined. It would appear to me that being informed and putting the word out to as many people as we can will, in the end, protect us from ourselves. We can make keeping a secret invention a hard secret to keep, forcing the powers that be to do what they should.



One thought on “Run Your Car on Water? Where is the prize for that?

  1. looks like there are a few in the works.. i saw honda is coming out with a fuel cell fuel cell cars that run on a hydrogen fuel cell and electricity.. so maybe i spoke too soon.. i am hoping we can integrate to this type of real technology instead of learn to “live with” the countries that have all the oil…so that leads to the next question… if we have the technology,, why are we wasting all the money on a war???? and not putting it into making the appropriate changes to become “oil free”??

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