Looking Up They Saw an Elephant in the Backyard!

There was an elephant in the back yard!!! A tornado was coming AND an elephant was in the back yard.

Now, since I was not there, I don’t know what the people in the house were thinking but I can certainly imagine. Is this the worst day of your life, the best day of your life or the last day of your life? An elephant is just HUGE! Then there was that other elephant like event bearing down on the owner of the backyard…the tornado. It seems the tornado sirens had frightened the elephant and in it’s terrified flight it found itself in someones fenced space. Do elephants wonder about the outcome of such events too? We know for sure it will not forget!

To top it all off the circus had decided to leave town! Can you imagine…they were packing up to leave town!!! Did they decide that an elephant was an easy creature to replace or were they just packing up to escape the consequences of elephants on the loose?

The thing is I cannot even get past the elephant!



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