Girls on the Move..advice from a veteran!

we are moving to
a place
where the
palm trees grow.
we want a
change in
we are trying
to keep our sense
of humor is the key!
we are dizzy
with anticipation.


III Word Wednesday Prompt


Today I thought I might talk about something I actually understand and can speak to with authority…how to move to a new home. Let me give you my background first so you will feel like you are learning from a true expert!

You must know, first of all, that I am 66 years old. Now while that doesn’t guarantee that I have moved lots, I would say that most women my age have moved at least once. In my case it is only 10 times, not as much as many others, but still enough to leave a mark on me.

I have a husband that views this age of recycle, reduce and reuse as a good thing. So we must also take that into consideration. Moving for us is not an easy thing…we have door handles from my grandparents first house in boxes in the crawl space. Then again they might be in the china closet. I will need to check and see.

We have moved from one side of our state to the other and travel in a motor home in the winter. Both of these things require a great deal of thought and consideration. One has me deliberating over size, weight and numbers. The other is just plain expensive no mater how you cut it.

We have put things in storage, moved in old cars and cattle trucks, moved next door (the hardest move of all) and moved while giving things away and staying in a small apartment waiting for a house to be completed or former owners to get their act together and move themselves.

So as you can see, I am an expert.

Here are the rules I would lay out for you.

#1 Ditch the husband that saves everything or at least send him far away while you are getting the job done. I know, he can lift things, but he cannot be left in charge of sorting. He might not get it!

#2 Don’t move anything that is heavy and costs less than $20. (You can adjust the figure up and down according to your means.) It will cost you more in effort or cash to move it than it does to buy a new one.

#3 If you have not unpacked an item after the last move, you will probably never need it again.

#4 Don’t…I repeat…don’t store your children’s things at your house. They don’t need it, they won’t come to get it and it will drive you craze! As a subdivision of this item I would suggest that you be very careful when you save items for you children’s or grandchildren’s first apartment. Think about how much it would cost to replace it or even buy it at someone else’s garage sale. Maybe you will find that someone else has stored it for you and you don’t have to. AND, FOR GOODNESS SAKES, DON’T PAY TO MOVE THESE THINGS! $$$$

#5 Give your precious paper back books and even hard cover books away to the library. If you document what you are giving them and do a little research, you can get a hefty write off on your taxes and feel good about where your books went. Then go to the library and visit them…let the city store your books, move your books and sell your books. Whew. That will save you a bundle on moving. Books are really heavy and add up in the move.

#6 Smile…have a party to drink all the liquor and eat up all your food supply. You will have fun and it will save you on moving, breakage and mess.

#7 Start sorting as soon as you know you will move. Lay your hands on everything in your house and keep in mind where you are moving to. Hot climates do not require heavy coats and firewood. Cold climates work just the opposite.

#8 Have a yard sale and get rid of those door knobs, lace hankies, clothes from the 1960’s and toys. Rent or borrow a pickup to take everything that is left over to you favorite charity sales center. Do it on the same day as the sale…things that stay behind on that day have a way of integrating themselves back into your life.

#9 If you must for one reason or another put items in storage get the insurance policy the moving/storage company offers and keep expensive or precious things with you. I lost crystal, Cd’s, and antiques during one move, did not recover anywhere near their value and cried! All because my homeowners policy said they would cover us but didn’t. It seems that if anyone is at fault…you, the movers, storers, etc…they will say “So, so sorry. NO”. Keep those few boxes or irreplaceable items in your car if you have to.

#10 When you shop for a mover, go with the most reliable not the cheapest. I have always done the latter. While it worked out most of the time, the one time it did not was bad enough to make up for the rest.

If you are a senior citizen like me, this will be your real chance to pass all those family items to children, family and friends. If they are disdainful, then let it go. Better to have someone else using and loving your stuff than moving it and finally throwing it away.

So gather up those boxes, gather up a plan of sorts and love it. Life is such an adventure and I, for one, hope I fall dead getting ready to move to the south seas! Smile.



One thought on “Girls on the Move..advice from a veteran!

  1. i have moved no less than 50 times in my life,, probably a lot more,, but i really don’t feel like counting them all right now… and i know that stuff is stuff,, and even those things that cause a bit of a pang of grief when you think about the last time they were in your possession,, fade in to beautiful memory much easier than they move to the next domicile….

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