The Intaglio Was Flawed. Fiction Friday

Without looking it up, use the word Intaglio in your [Fiction]Friday entry.

Not knowing what to do she called the Intaglio hot line. An appliance that makes your face smooth should not also talk to you in that tone of voice. Sarcasm upset the clients and working in a place like this was hard enough. It said:

  • You are wrinkled and old, save your money!
  • Stop with the treatment already!
  • If you are the client just get up and leave quickly!

How am I ever to make any money to feed my children when my equipment begins to talk to people she thought? Doesn’t it seem strange that she is not hearing the voices. The hot line is busy…of course. It is getting to be closing time…………………….(ringringringringring) finally a response.

Stay on the line and the next available Intaglio representative with be with you.
We are processing our calls incoming calls now. In order to take our calls in order of importance and urgency please select one of the following options:

  • Giggling
  • Cussing
  • Spraying green water.

If the machine begin to talk press #2.

If you are delusional and think the machine is saying what you are thinking, leave the building at once. The fumes are effecting you brain function and you may faint unexpectedly.

Press #3 before you leave. Once you are outside call 911 on your cell phone. Your client will be laying on the floor and you will need help.

She noticed that staring at the machine is not helping. I don’t feel well…she is really wrinkled and old! The Intaglio obviously is flawed. It couldn’t possibly be me!

She calmly turned the machine on high, turned off the lights and left the client in the chair with her eyes covered and a bottle of wine beside her chair.

She pressed #3.

She was sure they would both feel better in the morning.


(I don’t know what Intaglio is but it sure was fun to write without knowing!)


3 thoughts on “The Intaglio Was Flawed. Fiction Friday

  1. I love the nonchalance that the company help line has – this is obviously a huge problem with the product since they know exactly what is happening, yet they don’t recall the product! Brilliant.

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