What About Connor

When my children were in school parents signed a waiver for releasing the school from any responsibility if anything happened to your child. I always signed. I always told the teacher not to lose, main or emotionally scare my child. Form or no form, they were going to be in deep trouble if they did. 🙂

So when my grandson Connor told me about the bus catching on fire, the bus driver being lost, no cell phone service, being five hours late to their destination and arriving home at 2:00 AM, I was taken back to a time when I was the mother worrying and waiting outside the school.

He did get a t-shirt that has a burning bus on it and says “I survived the bus trip to the Fossil Beds”. He wears it with pride.

This is my grandson Connor’s Wordle.
Are there things you can tell about him when you read this.
(click on the Wordle for an enlarged image.



2 thoughts on “What About Connor

  1. i’m not too wise in the ways of wordle, it’s all new to me — but i’m glad to hear that the kids and the parents all got a happy ending when they were finally able to call it a day with everyone safe and sound!!! — today’s project – look up wordle!!!

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