How conservative/liberal are you?

Do you have an opinion that might be controversial…off the wall…just plains nuts? I do and my friends have learned to accept be for what I am. But when it come to publishing posts online, we find ourselves out there exposing ourselves like a flasher at the symphony!
When we add typos, grammatical errors and lack of forethought to the mix, we are treading on thin ice in the publishing world.

So that is why they have editors and proofreaders and friends/neighbors read the writing, tempering opinions and discussing our creations before they are sent off to press. It is also the pitfalls of writing and posting on the same day. But, if you are like me, you published before you loose my nerve , loose interest or simply change your mind.

That happened to me yesterday when I wrote about what I had seen on The Fearless Blog. The writer of that blog had a posting about whether you are a ‘conservative’ or a ‘liberal’. You can go to the site, take a test and it will tell you in black and white where you stand in the world of politics! It will say if you are 50% liberal or 100% conservative. I actually took the test and of course, if you read me at all, you knew where I stand. Then I waited a while, came back to my computer and deleted the whole blog! …edit/delete!!! I knew that publishing this particular article was going to require some thought.

Here was the problem…life is not black and white. Life is all shades of gray. The questions on this quiz were phrased in such a way, that in many cases, I chose the answer nearest to reflecting my opinion because I didn’t agree with either choice!. Do you believe in the death penalty? Well yes and no! Here’s the deal…I do think that terrible people should not be allowed to live in polite society… ever. We need to protect ourselves from mutation of personality and nature. But do I want another human to take a life so we can be safe? I would have to say NO! I would not want my husband, son, daughter, father, mother, friend or relative to be an executioner so why would I ask a perfect stranger to do such a thing? When we find a way to allow these people to take their own lives, then we will have found the perfect solution. So, do I believe in the death penalty? Yes! Who should have to take care of it? The person that committed the crime. Nuts? Maybe so. I am smart enough to know that the questions of life and death in the world are not easy to answer! SHADES OF GRAY And please don’t come at me with all the reasons this is impractical. I know…what must be done must be done. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it. God made me this way, with a soft heart and a nature that abhors death.

Then we come to the next question. Do I believe in abortion? The answer here has to be no. However, doctors have to have a say in this and most of all we must remember these women need help! Do I have a solution? No. But I am against abortion!!! YES, YES, YES! It breaks my heart.

The question about inflation and the poor people of my country really left me in a quandary. It read,

  1. It’s more important for our country
    • Reduce the deficit and national debt
    • To help the poor and helpless

Should we have to chose between providing better choices for the poor, mentally ill, racially discriminated against AND reducing the national dept? Wow! When did we come to that. When did we harden our hearts and feel that it is acceptable to sacrifice a group of people in order to reduce inflation? Can’t we do both? Could there be a sacrifice made by you and me? Our government has so much control over us. Why we would allow them to desert those that need them the most? If they do that then they need to cut us all loose and take all our “perks” away.

Do I feel that “Affirmative Action” is outdated? I don’t know. Is it? Have we come far enough that we can guarantee that the good old boys and girls will continue to play fair or are the people who feel that poor people don’t deserve anything because they don’t work hard in the first place still very powerful? I actually had a woman say to me not so long ago that rich people deserved the tax breaks because “They work so hard?” And my hair dresser doesn’t work hard? Would women and minorities get a fair chance? You tell me.

Should all illegal immigrants be deported? Now let me tell you I just don’t understand what part of Illegal people don’t get…and that applies to employers especially!!! Maybe we should send the parents home alone and adopt out all those beautiful children they have when they are in our country! It just makes me mad. And what happens to those children that go back with them really worries me.

And so it went. SHADES OF GRAY!!!

If a label fits, sew it on your coat and wear it around in the world for all to see. But as for me I just cannot find the right fit! Maybe the one question that they did not ask was “How to you feel about conservative/liberals?” That would have helped me. Would you say that you respect their opinions or would you say that they are just plain evil? I think that would tell us more than any other question.

How conservative/liberal are you? The percentages are in!



One thought on “How conservative/liberal are you?

  1. I had taken the test also … and felt very much the way you did, that I was forced into choosing from two options, neither which described my views! I often feel that way about this type of quiz, however. That by trying to pin people down to fit in tidy groups, we miss out on the wealth of diversity in thought and individuality.

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