Raccoons…what next?

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish what is true and what is “Friday Fiction”. Almost all my stories have some basis in truth. But that is where the resemblance to real life ends. The raccoons were not real…well they were real but they didn’t actually come into the house. Well, I don’t think they did. I can honestly tell you that they did steal my tennis shoe…a disappearing tennis shoe can leave you puzzled. But paw prints, muddy and small, all over the outside and inside of the remaining tennis shoe is a clue. I never did figure out where they went with it. I searched every corner of my yard. They live in our urban neighborhoods under sheds or behind bushes, their treasures neatly gathered around them. Tennis shoes, tennis ball, children’s toys and dinner plates. I imagine them sitting on their haunches examining each new find carefully while watching from the bushes as we humans look for our lost treasures.

I have looked down from a ladder as I hung drapes to see a raccoon bigger than my dog standing and watching with great interest. A pet food dish is all they need to make you a part of their rounds…even if it is inside your garage. Muddy paw prints and masked black marble eyes are their trade mark. They will get under your house and take up residence. A barking dog has no more effect on them than wet on water. In fact, I swear they have fun taunting a dog from the branch of a tree.

Honestly, I had never thought about them getting into my house until I wrote the story about the Bandits in the Laundry Room (yesterday’s post)…now I am thinking about it a lot. The neighborhood cats have found the cat doors so I know other animal come in my house. My cat brings live birds in and I have found them perched on the four poster bed with no cat in sight! We have come home to find strange cats lurking about. My cat seems to be more social than we imagined so we are going to blame him. I think that the raccoons and my cat are in cahoots!



2 thoughts on “Raccoons…what next?

  1. since my house is like one big huge room i used to sleep with the back door open in the summer ,, that is until the raccoons started going in the cabin to eat the cats food,, and then i realized since i have dry food out all the time for the dogs i probably ought to close the door,, or they would find their way in here too,, and then i would really have a mess on my hands!!!!

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