If I knew what that was I might like it!!

Elena and Grandpa

Grandma, could we eat something that I actually know what it is?

I had offered bouillon, Pad Tai, Tofu, Spanish Rice, Fish and Rice (Philippines style), and milk toast. Her stomach hurt and I was looking for something that would light her fire.

Peanut and Butter sandwich, ham sandwich, mac and cheese, Quaker
oats (if you were desperate) and spaghetti/pizza. These were foods she understood.

If I actually knew what milk toast was I might like it but for now…no not so much!!

Don’t you just love feeding children when they turn 11 and have been exposed to some but not all things. Salad they will eat but steamed edamame no…no, no, no!!! They are not picky but are learning the ways of the eating choices. “Something I actually know about” just stops me dead in my tracks!!! Indian no but Italian yes! Mexican yes but French no! American yes…well you get the idea.

Grandma was raised on milk toast and tomatoes with bread added. We were not poor but we were careful and fresh produce did not arrive at our local grocery every day. When we were sick we ate crackers and milk or milk toast. Grandma is a world traveler and likes ethnic foods…it makes her feel better. Grandma likes red wine but it is not allowed for young children. Grandma just struck out!!!

So “Can we have something I actually know what it is” must have the final word.

I love my granddaughter…she really does have a way with words!!!



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