Join the blog link list!! ‘Unnamed Stories…’

Heroines of “unnamed story”

What are you waiting for? If not now when? Monica Wood The Pocket Muse

Rebecca over at Just a Thought visited me yesterday as a result of a link to Friday Fiction. She suggested in a comment…my only one incidentally…that I commit myself to an ongoing story about the “unnamed story”. I posted it yesterday as a result of the Monica Wood prompt in her book. I liked the idea that there could be a collection of stories posted by a few blogs that we could all follow. Maybe at the end of say 52 weeks we would have a books worth of stories. I am going to give it a go. If you would like to join in, post a link and I will put your links in my sidebar. Feel free to name your story but mine will remain unnamed until the end. As with the Etta stories, I don’t know where it will go or who will end up being the hero or the villain. But I have started, quite by accident, so I will keep going.

Same time, same place, next Saturday (give or take a few days, weeks or so) post a link with you first chapter.
Be sure to make a hard copy.
Unnamed Stories A year of chapters 52, then one less until we are done July 11,2009.

Be a blog traveler:

After visiting Just a Thought and leaving a comment I clicked on a link in her comments. What a wonderful journey this turned out to be!! From her blog I went to Confessed Sinner. From there I went to The Crystal Maze. And so it went. Wonderful words…unique poetry…stories that amazed. Better than a book.

This made me think…blogging can be a lot like staying in the neighborhood. We need to get out more guys!!! Playing blogger traveler at least once a week can really give one a different perspective on…well everything! Writing is such an individual thing and, like travel, if you don’t go over the next hill you will never know what is there.


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4 thoughts on “Join the blog link list!! ‘Unnamed Stories…’

  1. ah m glad u travelled blogs…n was really glad u dropped by mine :)hope to c u more often at the crystal maze n hope to read more posts from u

  2. I never knew I was part of the blog traveling and I am glad I was :)Thnx for dropping by, leaving a comment and even mentioning me and Mayz as a part of your travels…I agree blog traveling is one eventful thing to do, you never know what you may find… hope to c u more and yeah, a nice space u’ve hereKeep blogging!!!

  3. i am reading,, and i will keep this in mind,, i just have no words right this moment… i am hoping it is a hormonal spiral,, and will even itself out with time… but i just wanted you to know i am here….

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