Saturday Novel…Part II Annali’s Night

Born of the night
The sun only blinded her
The beauty was hidden from
The eyes that looked
Only within.


The night is a friend. It hid the ugliness she saw in herself and welcomed in soft filtered stars and night music. Annali was born of the dark long winters where the rest from the all day sun was welcome and comforting. Clothing to shield her from the cold would covered every part of her body.

She may have chosen to live in the eternal dark. In this far off country where the night and the day were the same she has crawled into her sanctuary. Time has no meaning for her. The only thing that tells her about the time is the sound of the coyotes and the hoot of the owl. Blindness has come at a good time. When they came to live in this place, the light had been too much.

The others wondered if her darkness was born in her mind. But she had chosen on this day in July to not see the daylight any more. Her heart was breaking. Yearning for the dark of winter became her reality. That was where she would live…at least for a while.

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