Amazonkindle…the next step?

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So here is what I’m thinking…have I been living in a hole???? I had never heard of Amazonkindle until yesterday!!! My husband and I donated a whole boat load of books to the library a few weeks ago. I had made the statement that I didn’t need all that paper anymore. Did I believe myself even for one minute? No not really. I was still of the mind set that downloading a book into my computer would take to much memory and forever probably. But Amazonkindle may have just solved the problem…totally. The word from the NECC (National Education Computer Conference) held in San Antonio in late June is that the price on these will drop to around $150 at the end of this year because a new product will be out in color. That price works for me!

Now we all know that textbooks and research books weigh a ton, require the destruction of trees and are out of date probably as soon as they are actually publish. Then we will keep them forever because, well, they cost so much and a tree had to be cut down. In a school with out libraries or walls for that matter the idea of an Amazonkindle could be very appealing. I am told that when Microsoft helped with organization of the technology school in Philadelphia there was no library at all. Why should there be?

As a former teacher I do know that the biggest barrier for many students is the paper trail. Paper Trail = Things to Get Lost!!! A device like this or a lap top for every student might just eliminate a barrier to learning and train students to see what real organization looks like. The thing I loved about the Amazonkindle was the cell phone internet connection. I am in the process of checking into such a device for my computer. Until we can get all that we want in one device this is probably a stepping stone. But still…is this cool or what?!

At NECC the educators in attendance with the cell phone antennas for their computers were in fact the ones that were able to get online. The wireless network even in this setting could not serve the 15,000 people in attendance. I am also told that the cell phone technology might be faster that our connection here at home. Is that possible?

Hello world, here I am looking around…that hole I was living in was just too dark.


PS I dropped my cell phone in the toilet yesterday…not a good thing but still fitting I think. I am waiting impatiently for September so I can get an iphone. Restraint is a good thing and I did not do it on purpose…at least consciously. I don’t get a whole lot of unwanted phone call so I can’t say I put it in the toilet because I get a whole lot of !&*@%*=! But I did laugh a lot. Shoot, I am just a klutz!!!

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One thought on “Amazonkindle…the next step?

  1. Hi Barbara. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments.I love the look of this Kindle. It looks like it is straight out of Star Trek, and that makes it eminently readable in my book.

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