Maddie took Grandma shopping!

Amanda, Amelia & Maddie
Shopping Day
July 2008

Maddie is five and she is against it!!! What you say? Well you just name it and she thinks it is probably a bad idea. Sometimes she is just contrary and sometimes she really means it. It is hard to tell the difference.

Amelia is 10 month and she just goes with the flow. This baby has smiled her way across two continents and keeps going! I love to have her around.

Maddie has a wonderful sense of humor and her grandpa loves to tease her. Amelia never lets her grandfather out of her sight when we are together. To say the least they both know that Grandpa bears watching.

Maddie has definite taste in clothes although her interest span is short so she will forget what she liked…sorry…disliked a moment before and can be fooled.

Now this is the thing…this is not going to last long. When her cousin was barely five she picked out my shoes for me. We depend on the fact that we have trained these little girls to know the good stuff when they see it. So I know that Maddie will be a good shopper and be picking out my shoes before long. I’m in the market for a pair of sandals and something in brown would be nice but don’t be surprised if I show up for dinner in purple thongs with rhinestones on the top. Maddie will never change in this regard…this girl loves bling!

I love Maddie! I love Amelia! Thank you darlings for going shopping with me.

Grandma b


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