Women bear the brunt of government regulations….

I am on short time this morning. The dentist has my teeth in his grips so what am I to do.

Just a quick follow up on a blog I posted last week about nursing mothers and other subjects related to child bearing. Today I found a website talking about a rumor that is circulating on the web about a proposed Health and Human Services regulation. It would allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense birth control if it was against their religion. It seems that by redefining abortion to include birth control such as IUDs they have opened the door for “conscience clause”. According to the Nations Conference of State Legislature the clause “gives pharmacists the right to refuse to perform certain services based on a violation of personal beliefs or values.” This comes on the heals of a court decision to allow companies to refuse birth control insurance support without fear of retribution. According to The Information Paradox describes the proposal:

Up until now, the federal government followed the definition of pregnancy accepted by the American Medical Association and our nation’s pregnancy experts, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which is: pregnancy begins at implantation. With this proposal, however, HHS is dismissing medical experts and opting instead to accept a definition of pregnancy based on polling data. It now claims that pregnancy begins at some biologically unknowable moment (there’s no test to determine if a woman’s egg has been fertilized). Under these new standards there would be no way for a woman to prove she’s not pregnant. Thus, any woman could be denied contraception under HHS’ new science.

In other words the only people that should have birth control would be certified virgins.

When we add the fact that Health and Human Services has said that agencies supported by grants cannot refuse employment based on anti-abortion beliefs. So an anti-abortion employee might not give women the information necessary to make an informed decision that applies to them only. This agency it seems is bent on taking control away from women.

Abortion is a horrible thing and I do not want to support it in anyway. But, as with birth control, medication for depression and so many other prescriptions or medical procedures, one shoe does not fit everyone. There are cases that just demand intervention. Does it not seem that without contraception, abortion will be on the rise and unwanted babies will be put a risk?

You don’t have to agree with me but you do need to think about it.



2 thoughts on “Women bear the brunt of government regulations….

  1. Oh, Barbara. I agree with you here. The issue isn’t just about birth control or abortion, but about the egregious erosion of civil liberties we’ve seen under W’s watch.We have the right to live our lives without government interference. I just wish someone could convince the government that the Bill of Rights isn’t theirs to trash.

  2. Thank you Marie. We need to be vigilante under any administration. A little righteous indignation is in order occasionally too!b

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