Saturday Novel Part III

Saturday Novel Part III

unnamed stories
one chapter at a time

They lived so close by that Anna forgot that Buzzard could hear everything she said. The outhouse set between them and the kitchen window opened onto a short dirt path that led to their front porch. The screaming had begun when he came home a failure from the mission she had sent him on.

When Buzzard and Edith had moved in they were like breading rabbits. Anna, on the other hand, had been raised by a self righteous mother. Her parents had never even given each other a warm look in her presence. Their life had consisted of eating, working and religion. Although Anna fell unto disfavor with the religious element she still could not set herself free of the need for a certain amount of decorum. Buzzard and Edith had made her life miserable…interesting but still miserable. After all there were children in her house and it was hot so keeping the windows and doors closed made the already minimal existence almost unbearable.

What shall we do Donny?. His response was not printable and Anna had to make some threats unworthy of her upbringing in order to get him to side with her. There was mention of withholding and cold nights and the children she was leaving for him to care for when she went back to town.

So when the husband finally strolled down the dirt path to the shack across the road, it was not with a great deal of enthusiasm. But the look on his face did show that Buzzard was going to have to behave himself.

After waiting at the door until Buzzard and Edith could make themselves presentable the curtain over the doorway parted and there stood the couple. Wipe that silly grin off you face…you are having too much fun and I am going to end up living in the barn!

The silence was roaring in his ears when he realized they had NO idea what he was talking about. He would have to explain. He was going to actually have to tell these people in plain language not to behave like rabbits in front of the kitchen door. They were, in fact, dumb as a flat tire.

It was going to be hard to explain to Anna that he couldn’t care for the children. He in fact would do almost anything to stay warm on winter nights and the intellect of the Buzzard family was extremely limited. The only thing he had on his side was the pigs. Buzzard had taken the pigs. Maybe, maybe, maybe it would be enough.

Buzzard and Edith listened careful as they stood in the doorway. They knew Anna and it was going to be quite a show!!



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