Sunday Ramblings from Barbara

We are having a celebration today…my daughter-in-law Kim Torris is going to receive her masters degree today. She is the fourth. My husband was the first. Then my oldest son. Then his wife. And now Kim. The other members of my family have chosen to do continuing education and certainly have more than earned the degree but circumstance are different in each case. They all make me very proud.

This morning I woke thinking about the ability of the human spirit and body to survive. After I wrote the blog last week about my ailing appliances and our philosophy that, even in the case of appliances, time heals all wound healing has been on  my mind. (Well, in the case of a microwave, not so much.)  But the human spirit and body are a remarkable thing…when we really begin to think about what takes place when we break a bone or get a blister on our toe, we should be as surprised as we are when that reptile grows a new tail. It is quite simply a miracle.

I have been thinking about …why paisley? a lot lately. She has been gone for quite a while now. I always loved her comments. So last week I went back and read her blog from the very first post. She has been posting beautiful poetry worth of hard cover books. I loved them for their emotional wham! I have commented on her blog a lot but now I am looking back and thinking that I should not have done that. To paraphrase Paul Harvey, I should have read the rest of the story. If you are interested check it out. She has lived a life that movies are made of and Wally Lamb could write a book about.

The summer is flying by and my grandchildren have returned from a vacation in Washington, DC. My next to the oldest grandson is taking a class online this summer and I think he likes it a lot. We travel to bicycle camp once a week and he rides on the velodrome. It is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I spend part of almost everyday at the pool with my granddaughter. She swims in the morning with the swim team and in the afternoon for fun. Next year she will be old enough to go alone. How can that be.

My oldest son and his family fly back to China on Wednesday. To say that I miss them when they are gone just doesn’t say what I feel. We all need our space and independence but still….

I reread my story about Anna and Buzzard this morning. I still like it although I am sure it can use some cleaning up. I do go back and rewrite blogs even after a long period of time. Editing is always good.

Just a note: I was thinking about how I write and what makes the stories work for me. It seems that I am finding a pattern. Cut to the chase, leave things unwritten, let the reader fill in the blanks. Most importantly I like to keep it small. Too many words are not, in the case of blogging, a good thing. In the few remarks I do receive I have found that when people actually read or reread the story, they begin to see that there is another layer. In many cases what is beneath the surface is much more interesting than the simplicity of the story.

Sunday Ramblings from Barbara. Have a great week.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Ramblings from Barbara

  1. you are a darling,, and i am on my way back,, just a metamorphose of sorts is in order,, and i have been pausing to refresh before i undertake it…

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