Learning to be a Grandma…when the baby cries!

Uncle Doug, Brayden, Amelia

The baby cried…at the top of her lungs…for a very long, long time. Grandma almost went to her knees and tears formed in her eyes.

Caring for babies is what I seem to do. My grandchildren number 10 but three of those young people came into me life after they were 10 years old. I have only taken care of 7 so far. I am not a full time Grandma, not by any means. But I have always spent enough time with the munchkins to know how to handle crying. I am very good!!

My daughter was with me the other night when we were caring for Amelia (right) and her sister Maddie. Amelia is the cutest, smiliest baby on the block until she is not. Dogs and cats fun for cover when she lets loose. My cat has actually left home for three weeks at a stretch after a crying baby incident. This is some serious wailing we talking about.

How can you let her cry? Doesn’t that just make you come undone? my daughter asked. Her oldest is 15 so she had a while to wait before she fulfills my role for her children. Still it is never too early to begin. So let the teaching begin.

There are some hard lessons in grandmotherhood. This is only the short list:

  • you are never really in charge. Mom and Dad have the last word.
  • all you do is prolong the agony when you run to the crying baby after they have been put down for a nap
  • grandchildren can be taught to require gifts…every time you come
  • some times it is as hard to get them to go home as it is to get them to come visit
  • when they hurt, you hurt
  • the better they know you the more they will argue
  • laughter is always good but a little grinchyness can go a long way
  • doing art or any project makes for a wonderful day
  • don’t watch TV with meals
  • fix meals…they will love it
  • Grandpa is more fun than Grandma 🙂

The best thing is if you get to be a Grandma, one that the grandchildren come to visit for a day, have fun and then (this is the best part) go home, you are the luckiest person in the world. I know my daughter will love it as much as I do.



4 thoughts on “Learning to be a Grandma…when the baby cries!

  1. oh, i’m not a grandma yet. but knowing me, i am going to be such a pushover i fear my daughter will be concerned with leaving them with me! oh, well, there’s always grandpa… and he’s a little strange, so they’ll love him! and me…*sigh* here’s to you grandma…. and may your heart break not so easily when they hurt.xoxorebecca

  2. never having spent much time in my adult life in the company of little people,, i am a wreck around them.. crying tantrums etc have no place in my heart… it was fun to hang out with you in your grandma mode,, just glad i did it from way over here!!!!!

  3. Adorable!I’m at the point where someone hands me a baby, I coo…then hand them back…LOL…my youngest is 8 but maybe when its my own grandchildren, it’ll be different :Dmy mom has 17 grandchildren and she still hands them back before the age of 1…LOL…she always says, ‘I put in my time with my own children, now its your turn, enjoy!’ LOLShe’s a great grandma and my boys love her and it’s true…grandpa is just more fun! 😉

  4. Thank you for stopping by guys! I loved your comments. It is very interesting to me that each person deals with children in a different way. I will have to admit that I need a break from the children…6 months is about right for me!!!b

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