Sunday Ramblings…blogs, family, writing

On Sunday I have a habit of just writing…Laini of Sunday Scribblings and Grow Wings would call it my “attic journal” or some such. I can’t find her writers blog right this very minute.

An “attic journal”, according to her, is a journal you write in randomly but don’t reread or edit. You fill the whole book from cover to cover and then put it away for a period of time. After a couple of month you can rediscover you journal and reread the thoughts you had earlier. It is very much like finding someone else’s journal in the attic. I agree with her…it is an epiphany of sort, at least I find that it is. When I go back and read postings from the last year and half, I feel like I am reading some else’s writing.

In my blog wanderings and wonderings this last week I found Peacock Blue written by a native of Idaho now living in Minnesota. She calls herself nonizamboni…yes you read it right. I loved her introduction which starts with a quote from Charlie Brown:

ā€œThere are three things in life that people like to stare at: a flowing stream, a crackling fire and a Zamboni clearing the ice.ā€– Charlie Brown– I’m recently transplanted to Minnesota where I’m unraveling the mysteries of life while riding atop my imaginary Zamboni. I think I’m getting it. . .

She is a librarian/museum employee and has a wonderful writing style whether it be poetry or personal blogging. I think you should check her out.

My grandson, Brayden is spending two days with us…twelve hours a day! His mother and father are both paramedics. We are loving it! He is a little over 4 month and just plays his little heart out with what ever is within his reach. Grandpa would be his favorite and Brayden reaches for him just like he is a toy. I love it!
Grandpa is Brayden’s favorite toy!

Brayden learns to squeal!!!

Maddie, Amelia and Amanda.

Andy and Amanda went back to China, taking Maddie and Amelia with them…what were they thinking?!? While they were here we did some socializing with their co-worker when they were in Saudi Arabia and others from China. One evening we had gathered with a group of educators from around the world that were attending a assessment conference in down town Portland. Our local brew pub, McMenimus, allowed us to sit outside while children played and adults visited. In this picture you see (l-r) an employee of Rubicon, her husband, a teacher in Saudi Arabia, Amelia and at the end Amanda. I cannot tell you how I miss them. Oh dear I might need to go to China again soon…isn’t that just awful. šŸ™‚
Maddie on the lawn.

We are enjoying beautiful weather in the northwest. With temperatures in the mid-seventies and sun almost every afternoon I think of what it would be like to live at the beach…which I have never actually done. The morning air even smells salty I think. We are very close to crashing waves and fog but seldom make the 2 hour drive to Canyon Beach or Seaside. It really is a shame.

I love the new side bar item from It allows me to see who has come to see me and, in many cases, who they are. I can also see the link that draws the biggest crowd. I don’t get that many visitors in a week but sometimes when I post on Helium or have a particularly good post on K*rtsy, traffic goes up markedly.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Ramblings…blogs, family, writing

  1. Hi Barbara These are very happy people in the photos…so good to see. It is evident that you are enjoying your days. You always have good news to report, happy moments, special moments and I always feel so “good” when I visit this blog. Best wishes being sent your way…right now…

  2. Thank you for visiting my writing site. I liked your poem (If I wanted to . . . ). Sunday Scribblings is a great online continuing inspiration, just as blogs are everywhere. Your blog sends a message of positive energy of family and friends, and reflections about living life to the fullest. A great read and I’m fascinated by the travel to China, where I hope to visit one day.

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