Sunday Ramblings…China, Airshow, Boonville…a novel.

Even in the scheme of the Sunday Ramble, today might just be a biggy for me! The Oregon International Airshow is going on right now…as I write jets are trying to go through my dining room window. The roar is deafening…but the adrenalin does pump on this day.

Jet Screaming Overhead

Our house is for sale so we hosted an open house today…house is really clean. I am really worn out!

AND the Olympics are on television from Beijing! We can not take our eyes off of it. It pleases me to see the pride the Chines people take in this event. They have working so hard to make it happen and now the world is seeing what they are capable of. When we were in Beijing several years ago the Chinese people were beginning to learn English and loved to practice with anyone that was willing. Our tour guide was very helpful and sales people were beginning to learn. The government was encouraging the people to learn a new word every day and the people played tapes of English in cabs as we drove back and forth in Shanghai. Now they are seeing all their effort come to fruition. The grocery stores were the place that we would be stopped…it took quite a while to buy bread and blue berries. We and our family were seen as walking text books. Truly, it was fun!

In my post, The Walking Tourist Attraction, you can see how the people were drawn to our granddaughter. She was only 3 at the time and a bit shy. She definitely has gotten over that and speaks Chinese with merchants and casual acquaintances. So the learning goes both ways!

The Great Wall of China
April 2006
Farm House Restaurant and fish pond
near the Great Wall of China

We stopped at the restaurant in the picture above and watched the people as they fished for their dinner. The fish were cleaned on the spot and our tour guide ordered lunch for us. We ate under a canopy outside ( no where inside to eat). The meal was absolutely delicious authentic Chinese peasant food. Beer comes is giant bottles and our table filled at every meal with bottles. On this particular trip we were taken by a back road to the Great Wall and passed through villages that seemed to have been untouched by anything for a thousand years. And imagine my utter amazement when I saw a Bactrian camel along side the road. Words don’t even begin to take you to that place.

Other links about China:

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I finished reading Booneville by Robert Mailer Anderson. The book had been reviewed by the likes of Norman Mailer, not a relative but a possible fan. He said that Anderson “could become …a major novelist”. High praise from a great American novelist. Another reviewer called Anderson “A very sick man-and a very funny writer”. I would tend to agree with the later rating.

Boonville a novel takes place in Boonville, California. It seems that among the forests and valleys in this part of the world there is a place where old timers speak their own language, the out casts gather, hippies roam free and the red necks live by their own code…at least in Robert Mailer Anderson’s world. I found every word worth reading…the humor was at time dark and dangerous and at other time just plain ‘keystone’ cops running in circles. I guarantee that, if you love a little bit of counter culture for your summer read, you will love this book.

Have a great week!


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