I exercise so I can eat Goldfish Crackers! Summer Living!

Just a little Monday Morning Ramble. Because I can!

I get a little jaded about the web and blogs sometimes. You wonder how many interesting, well written blogs can there be? Then I go to Blogs for Women or Sk*rt to look around. The answer seems to be that the list could well be infinite!

This morning I am putting off writing about Buzzard and Edith because the story hasn’t come to me yet. So to keep me occupied I went to Blogs for Women. That is where I found http://elaineambrose.blogspot.com/. Elaine is a Boise, Idaho author with a great sense of humor and wonderful taste in wine! She has co-authored a book called Menopause Sucks: What to Do When Hot Flashes and Hormones Make You and Everyone Else Miserable (Paperback) by Joanne Kimes (Author), Elaine Ambrose (Author) and the blog gives you just a little taste of what she writes and how she lives. I found it well worth my time! I have not read the book yet so I will give you a take on it when I lay my hands on it.

True, summer is a down time for bloggers it seems. Those blogs I have been following for a couple of years now have slowed down considerably this summer. I lay the blame on the school system….they send all those children home for the summer and, go figure, someone has to take care of them. Mother/bloggers may have more material to write about but exhaustion is not a good partner for a bloggers. Grandmother/bloggers (that would be me) that help with those ‘free children’ crawl under a rock at night wondering if they will ever see the light of day again. Waking up is a reason to celebrate. Writing does not happen much under these circumstances.

I have been going to Curves in my free time this summer and when you add that to taking care of both big and small grandchildren, I know that my waist is beginning to shrink. I am thinking about opening an exercise/daycare center. Women would have a lot more fun if they would just come to my Lift a Kid facility. The program would be built around lifting a two year old twenty times, rolling on the floor with a baby, picking up 500 toys and chasing a three year old for twenty minutes. Forty minutes a session. You can even bring you own child to use in the work out if you choose. How hard could it be? The pounds would fall off and it would make you laugh! Or cry! I have done a little of both.

I am at my daughters now. Breakfast must be cooked, the laundry is piled in a chair. Two grandchildren are in the house and the dog keeps barking at the neighbors. I want to eat the Goldfish crackers and Gummy Bears are calling my name. This could be where the exercise program is flawed. I might be getting slimmer but believe me the real exercise is on my self control…munch, munch!

I love my life!



One thought on “I exercise so I can eat Goldfish Crackers! Summer Living!

  1. your family is so lucky to have you.. there are not a whole lot of families that are close knit it seems anymore,, and even tho you seem to travel a lot,, you are always there for your family… i love that about you….

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