Feedjit Drabble Blogher!

Feedjit fun! Of all the badges, gadgets, widgets and stuff that I have added to my blog in the last month Feedjit has turned out to be one of the most informative and interesting. (Directly R. in the sidebar) Not only I see who is one line, I can click the live feed feature and tell what country, what city, and what computer my readers are using. I can also see what feed, how long they stayed, what website they came from and where they went when they left my blog. It also gives you a REAL feel for how many people are reading the blog. My stat counter provides a lot of information but not as clearly as this.

Do you like flash fiction or Drabble as it was originally called? Yesterday when I was going over the people that had posted comments on III Word Wednesday I found a blog that features flash fiction. Surface Tension is written by a reporter from the Midwest. His posts are short (I like that a lot) and edgy. I like that too.

I entered into a discussion on the Olympics on Blogher the other day and was struck by the fact that people have opinions. It seems that the less we know about a subject the stronger our opinion is. I got a little crazy when it occurred to me that the person that was “spouting off” had #1) probably never been to China, #2) was trying to get people to click on their blog for sales purposes! There were some very good discussions at the beginning of the thread but then…well you know. I don’t think I will do that again. It did not serve any useful purpose and no one is swayed that easily! Sigh!

So I am going on over to Scrawlers.com for a while and post a piece of Drabble! Have a nice day.



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