Sunday Ramblings…Personal, flickr, writing skills, a blogger hint

Brayden almost 5 months
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It is just really hot…well at least for Portland, Oregon! It has been over 100 degrees for two days and we are a complaining bunch of wimps. So my husband and I migrated over to my oldest son’s vacant condo which has air and still has HDTV hook-up. It was just heavenly. We could step outside onto their deck and look out over a 100 acre wood (like Winnie the Pooh). Humidity rose from the bottom of the wetland and it reminded me of Hilton Head in September. I actually could imagine hearing the alligators roar in the distance. It was a mini-vacation about 7 blocks from my house. I can see how the trend toward “staycations” could catch on.


So, while I was posting to Sunday Scribblings yesterday I made a discovery about my blogger account. When I want to post a back link or a link or whatever you call it to my blog post on SS and I have used the link feature on my create a post window all I get is the link, in this case SS. I have to go back to the edit post function, click on the view option for that blog and then copy the location from my address line. (I’m sorry…technology has special words for these things I know. Hopefully you can understand). Then I can go to SS and paste the location in comments. It took me a while to pick up on this but YEAH I did it!


In the news here in Hillsboro, Oregon this last week a lady was dubbed a “serial car wrecker”. It seems the woman was convicted several time of reckless driving and car theft in times past. On this particular day she back ended a car then proceeded to travel down the middle of the road crashing into every car in sight. She had her sixteen month old child in the car with her at the time. Now, I am thinking, when do the law keeping agencies actually talk to each other…child welfare and traffic enforcement need to get together….soon! Sigh!

My husband has decided not to renew our newspaper subscription since we came back from Arizona. He says he gets everything off the Internet. I depended on him to read me the paper and I miss it. I am sure my blog reflects his lack of action. Darn I knew laziness would came back and bite me one way or the other!

Writing fiction:

I am waiting for the inspiration for my Saturday Unnamed story feature…it is Sunday and I have not done it. Anna, Donny, Buzzard, Edith, Oona and Mr. Eriksson need my attention. Last weeks post leaves mystery on both ends of the story and I never know which end I will work through. Sometimes it seems as though I am telling the story backwards. Etta was the beginning and we are going the other way now.

Learning about Writing:

I have given a lot of thought to dialogue in a story this week. I don’t like a stand alone dialogue at know…the ‘he said’ and then ‘she said’. When blog writers post a story it doesn’t work. I feels as though we should not even attempt this without more skill. I love the writing of E. Annie Proulx. The Shipping News (Paperback) was a lesson in writing out side what is considered “proper” patterns in prose. I felt as though she were speaking into a tape recorder to tell the story. It was not an experience in reading so much as it was hearing a voice inside my head. If I could somehow capture that…!

A special note about thy flickr account…I have posted many pictures from China. Check it out if you are interested.



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