Let us Show the Power of Our Example and Not the Example of Our Power! William Jefferson Clinton

Just a short note this evening from a 66 year old woman, raised in a rural community in eastern Oregon, educated in a small college and graduated to become a teacher. The first person of color I ever met was in my freshman year in college in a choir class. She was the daughter of a porter on the railroad. I watched as the nation survived a period of turmoil, saw JFK, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy assassinated. I lost hope that we would ever see this day.

So for me to watch Barack Obama accept the nomination for President of the United States, give homage to Hillary Clinton, a woman that almost held that position, was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. A testament that all things truly are possible, that we can over come bigotry, hatred and inequality…that there truly is hope that good might, in the end, overcome hopelessness. I truly pray that our country can feel good about itself again, that those of all faiths, liberal to fundamentalist, can see that they are valued and that we can all reach a common ground.

Please let it be so!!



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