Sunday Scribblings…the apron

The Apron

Where did I see it?

You know the one with the pearl buttons and a yellow
Rick rack edge?
Was it on the shelf by the pillow case
And sheets?
I see it clearly when I
Close my eyes.

I had it on this morning.
The children were here just a moment ago.
Is that me I see in the mirror
Haunted because the
Apron is gone.

Somewhere in this house
Perhaps somewhere in time
I lost my apron, the symbol
Of what my life was….
It was only yesterday there were
Children and cookies with
A father nearby the stove.

Now they have gone
My apron
My life.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings…the apron

  1. no matter what we used to be,, looking in the mirror,, and realizing we are no longer that person is painful… i have to keep reminding myself,, that i can be what ever i want to be,, no lifestyle can define all that i am and it is ok to have left all of that behind and move on… you can do it too,, you have…

  2. My grandmother wore an apron with rick rack every day of her life until she entered a nursing home. It was a sad day, indeed, when she took that apron off. This poem made me think about her and how she must have felt that day.

  3. What a beautiful poem Barbara. It made me think of the archetype Demeter who finds happiness in mothering, which in turn, leads to a crisis when her nest is empty. You know what would be neat here is for you to show some photographs of some lovely vintage aprons!My best,Whitney

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