Kidney Tranplant Needed! Can you help?

I have a friend that lives in the Waiting Room for Heaven RV Resort (Rincon East, Tucson, AZ). She is in need of a kidney transplant and has been unable to find a donor. She is now on a waiting list but we all worry that it might be too late. Catherine is a beautiful, loving, youthful, vibrant woman. She loves to work, is active in her church and does all the right things. She a generous spirit. I know our RV park owner is a hard business man, but he also knows how important Catherine and her husband are to the community. We truly do need them. She sent me this email yesterday:

WOW! If I forward this to everyone on this list, and they forward to everyone > they know, and those people forward it, maybe I could find a kidney donor. > My name is Catherine Bernius (Katie) and I have kidney failure due to Polysistic > Kidney disease. I am on the transplant waiting list in Washington state and in > Arizona. If I can find my own donor, I will not have to go on dialysis or > perhaps have to wait 3-5 years for a kidney donor. You do NOT have to DIE to > donate a kidney. Qualifications are to be in good health, have a matching blood > type, ( A or O ) and not be over 60 years old and not be greatly obese. > Please forward this to as many people as possible. GIVE LIFE!!!! > Catherine Bernius > e-mail:

For a healthy person to donate a kidney is beyond my understanding…but here is the deal: SHE FOUND ONE PERSON ALREADY THAT WOULD DO THAT!!! PEOPLE REALLY ARE GIVING THE GIFT OF LIFE! The only problem was in the match. All the preliminary test were wonderful but in a final match criteria it was found that the transplant could not be done. It was sad.

So the question is, Can you or someone you know help? I do not qualify…I am 66…so this is my gift to Catherine. Pass the word. Include the wording from this post in an email to everyone. When that one person calls her, they will love her like we do. Oh, by the way, say a prayer for her and those like her…everyone say a prayer.

Is it written somewhere? WHEN WE HELP ONE OF THEM, WE HELP THEM ALL! I think humanity would be enriched beyond measure.


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