Sunday Ramblings…one day late!!!

Cana’s Feast Restaurant and Wine Tasting Room
Bocci Ball
with a view!
Carlton, Oregon

We went on a winery tour yesterday and spent the day in Carlton, Oregon. This little community used to be a railroad stop and grain elevators still stand alongside an empty railroad bed. It was a beautiful fall like day here in the Willamette Valley with blue sky and billowing clouds as far as the eye could see.

I uploaded new pictures to Flickr this morning, including some from Carlton main street and a winery called Cana’s Feast. While I was working at organizing the account I also checked my messages. Okay, Fine, Dammit had added me as a contact (maggiedammit). You might like to take a look at her blog. She had a great story up about hurricane Gustav and the devastation of Katrina.

LuLu’s Restaurant on Main Street
Carlton, Oregon

Carlton general store
features live bait and Camels cigarettes.

Brayden luvs Amelia

Okay…I confess…I have become a badge junky. I just added the Devine Caroline badge to the sidebar so everyone could vote for me. Is it just a blind need for attention, something I need maybe a little less of in real life, or is it just fun? I love a little fun. Well, my whole life is about having fun. I might just be a lot shallow! AND I nominated myself because I wanted too. They have not exactly accepted me yet but who knows…it might happen! 🙂 Anyways I put the badge on my blog just in case. UPDATE: I received word that I have been accepted. Let me know if you want me to nominate you…I know how to do that now! 🙂
Did I mention that Devine Caroline actually has a very cool site? If you are a parent or even a grandparent like me, and love your home, take a look! It is so visually appealing and interesting.


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