Three Word Wednesday…responsibleforallmyproblems!

Today’s III Word Wednesday prompts:

  • Awry
  • Blame
  • Hiatus

Many a story I tell begins with the words My Poor Husband! There is a very good reason for that. 1) He does the very best he can in dealing with me. 2) He is such a guy. 3) He is at home a lot.

You see, when things do not go right, he is blamed for it…even when it is my fault. (Don’t get me wrong; I am to blame when things go wrong for him so it is a fair trade.) I am not a thorough woman…my labels are never in, my clothes can stay unzipped for hours and I might have my skirt tucked into my panties. Awry should be my middle name! AND all women know if they are married, the husband is responsible for checking us over. Isn’t he? The fact that most husbands haven’t looked at us for heaven knows how many years will never occur to us. So we go out blithely into the world, labels hanging out, stuff unzipped and tucked into our underwear.

So my poor husband loves a hiatus. He runs, not walks, to the golf course to play with his friends, staying as long as he possibly can and comes home ready to begin all over again. I love him lots…bless his little “responsibleforallmyproblems” heart!

“responsibleforallmyproblems” husband
and beautiful grandson

This Wednesday is a big day here at my house…well at least for me. My husband has gone golfing with the men and I have the whole house to myself. Today is III Word Wednesday AND the grandchildren are back in school. The sun is shining so it will be about 75 degrees today. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Did you read Okay Fine Dammit this morning? The first day of school in real time as kindergartner pukes, Mom forgets school supplies and the little girl shows us in her own way how it feels to go to school for the first time. I just love this blog.

Rebecca of Just a Thought left a comment on yesterday’s blog about her daughter’s compassion as a child and now as an adult. (I love this blog too. I have it in my bookmark bar.) Please read her story in yesterday’s comment section and tell me you don’t want a daughter like hers. She must be so proud. When we receive the gift of a child like hers, each day is filled with gratitude. I guess the thing that touched me so was that her daughter works for a charity searching for a cure for childhood diabetes. My grandson is suffering from this disease. I worry a lot about him. Thank you Rebecca for sharing.



5 thoughts on “Three Word Wednesday…responsibleforallmyproblems!

  1. I hope that there is a cure for childhood diabetes soon. It’s so unfair–but look at Mary Tyler Moore–I have to write a post about the things i learned from Mary RichardsBack to you 🙂 That’s a wonderful picture, and today is a beautiful day here too

  2. Where would we be if we women couldn’t blame the husbands of our lives for everything that went wrong? I too hope there’s a cure for childhood diabetes. I think its so unfair for a child to suffer with any disease at such a young age. Have a nice evening.

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