Sunday Scribbling…the Miracle of Talent!

Children’s Art
On display in the
New Mexico Capitol building
Fall 2007

I knew when I read Murat11 what I needed to write about today. Some how this person managed to put just the right words on the paper of my screen. When I added the beauty of his images to the revelations that Paisley sought and found it came to me clearly. The miracle of talent…a gift my Sunday school teacher called it. That is the miracle that I marvel at each and every day.

The fact that I am not a church going person does not detract from the spiritual part of my being. Should the inspiration come on a given day to promote a cause, or tell a story, or express an opinion, I view it as a gift, a miracle of sorts.

The sense of humor that I was blessed with tells me that if I actually remember the name of that person…you know the one…the one that I couldn’t remember the name of yesterday…I am very lucky. My mind is filled with holes covered with cobwebs! Yet I write with lucidity and am not fearful for my sanity.

The gift! The miracle of talent! I offer it up for your consideration.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribbling…the Miracle of Talent!

  1. well my dear,, if there are such things as miracles,, i believe your ability to put them on paper and share them with us,, must make it all so….you are a darling…

  2. A gift for expression could be indeed…you certainly have talent.I enjoyed your words…they sing a strong song.TJMiracles

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