Sunday Ramblings…on Tuesday

In the neighborhood of man

We treasure those that are closest to us.

A next door neighbor,

Family and friends.

In the neighborhood of man

Our world can be as large

Or as small as we make it.


Our neighborhood is showing small signs that fall is coming. The farmers market we enjoy from May until the middle of October is shrinking each and every week. Apple, pears, gourds, fall flowers and art can hang on until the season is over. Music fills the air and crowds still gather.

A patriotic few sit at tables all day long, gathering signatures for our up coming election. There is no glory in such tasks but where would we be without people like this. The two ladies standing were doing the work and the two sitting were checking their list. I always find it so interesting that it is usually women doing this kind of task. And to think women were not give the vote nationally until 1920.

My daughter-in-law Kim can always be counted on for some comic relief. Kyanna, her daughter and my granddaughter is playing on the freshman volleyball team at Glenco High School here in Hillsboro, Oregon. We love to go and watch.


Bayden is spending the day with us so our iphone came out. Isn’t he cute?

We have had easier weeks during our life. In the end though, pictures show what a joy it has been. All the other things become unimportant. I needed this reminder. I knew you wouldn’t mind if I shared.



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