Wedesday…doing what I want!

Since Three Word Wednesday has gone away I am at loose ends on this day. I just decided to do what I really want to do. Good for me!

I should be going to Curves…it still might happen. I have enjoyed just being at home, blogging and snuggling up with a hot cup of coffee. I don’t even want to make the trip to my local SB for coffee. We will eat out this evening and Brayden baby is coming by in a few minutes. Why would I leave?

I have appreciated the continuing interest in this blog. I hope that my readers feel like they have come home…that is the purpose here. To feel at home no matter where you are…no matter where I am.

We will leave Oregon to go to our little park model in Rincon East RV Resort in Tucson, AZ (hi Gary!) soon. There was a flood in the model this summer so we will have a big clean up when we return. But even that cannot dampen my spirits as much as a rainy day in Oregon. The insurance company and contractors are trying to work it out. I will keep you posted. Thank heavens we are healthy and handy! We can, if all else fails, clean up the mess ourselves! But I hope it doesn’t come to that!

The flowers on my back deck are so beautiful. I have Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) that are bigger than any I have ever seen. The picture above was taken early in the summer. Because they are in a hanging pot, the slugs cannot get to them. I hate to think that it might frost and kill them. I’ve never raised them here before so I don’t know how cold it can get and still have them survive. I do have geranium survive from summer to summer. I just cut the back and in the spring they start growing again. (Yes I know…I am so cheap!)

I finished reading Blink by Malcom Gladwell which I will write about on the other blog. It is well worth your time.

Have a great day.



2 thoughts on “Wedesday…doing what I want!

  1. whenever i hear the word “snuggle” and “a cup of _____” i think of winter. i’m actually looking forward to it this year. i’m a nester, so i’m most happiest when i am home. and to be able to do nothing but read or blog or write or just catching up on shows (although those days are few and far between) when i do get the opportunity, i go all out and splurge!

  2. barb,, some guy has started posting the words on three word wednesday… the site remains the same just someone other than bone is doing the posting… just thought you’d like to know …..i am anxious to read your review of blink…..

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