IIIWW Sex in the RV Park!


September 24, 2008 by thommyg




I dissolved into laughter when I read the blog. They were discussion how much zest people that live in motor homes should display when making love. The question was, “should they move to a far corner of the park for a while or should they display a trinket on the door knob to warn everyone away?” The advice “expert” said windows should be shut and the noise should be held down. Just thought you would want to know!

After all, we don’t want a crowd to gather while we are romping in our trailer. Sex in the RV Park!



One thought on “IIIWW Sex in the RV Park!

  1. Sigh.I think I have hit a new low. Reading my mother’s post about “this subject”. Excuse me while I go and hide in a dark room for a while. It is possible to become mal-adjusted at 44? If so, is there medication for it?Love, Andy

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