Sunday Scribblings…the wedding!+link to a book review.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy
This is a must read. My review on …the left side of my brain.

Sunday Scribblings post in series called Etta. Today chapter is written as a very small scene in a stage play….just for fun.

#130 — Wedding

Chapter XIII

the year: 1938
the place: small town American
setting: Oona living room
cast: Lutheran church group

(the whispers and mumbling in the backgroud.)

1st woman: pg! Can you imagine. Her mother is giving her a shower and she is pg.

2nd woman: I never did think that Oona should have sent her away to boarding school.

1st woman: We do have a high school right here in town! Can you imagine, them with a grandchild? Oona didn’t even really like raising a child!
(Leaning in closer)

2nd woman: Where will they live? Maybe Oona will let them live here at home.

1st woman: (catty) No, I suppose Mr. Eriksson will provide a house.

2nd woman: Maybe they will live in the old place, you know the one that Annali lived in before she…

1st woman: (shocked) Do you think so?

2nd woman: Well, maybe. It is a long walk to town but the milk train stops at the mine store crossing…they could ride it to town.

1st woman: How old is she anyway? I thought she was only 16.

2nd woman: Oona is saying they kept her out of school for an extra year when she was 6 but I don’t remember that. (pausing) How did you find out she was pg?

1st woman: Well….I just assumed. Why else would she marry at that young age?

2nd woman: Oh!



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