Aging and the "times/era"!

I came to work/the computer this morning still reeling. That means I am still very dizzy and wobbly. My husband loves the news in the morning and I have an ear infection! The combination of the two has left me less than well. I need a break from TV while the world is working this all out. We, like everyone else, are caught up in the “times/era” even though we are doing the same things we have done for all our lives. We have been retired for more than 11 years. So, while the rip tide of the money market is tearing us apart, we watch and wait. Through it all, we know we will be fine. I am not even angry anymore…I am just plain sick! Sigh!!!

We will leave for the desert on October 8. A flood (that’s a big leak) in our park model has left us no choice. We are doing what we thought we would have to do. I hate to even think what it will look like…but I am still excited to be on the road again. Travel and the change it brings is what I have always been about. So here we go!!!

You need to read Sweetney this morning. She has a blog about punishment and children. “Spare the Rod” is the title. I think all mother’s can relate to the idea that they are pushed to the limit by little children and, because they were probably spanked as a child, are tempted to do the same to their children. Take a look.

Have a good day. See you tomorrow!


Yesterday’s post on my other blog …the left side of my brain!
Sarah Palin, like so many women, didn’t know how to say NO!


One thought on “Aging and the "times/era"!

  1. Thanks for visiting 70 Plus and Still Kicking Barbara. Life in a ‘trailer’ or ‘caravan’ as we call them can be great fun, being able to see new things and meet new people. A few years ago I lived in one for four months and meandered for miles (kms as we call them) through many areas of the outback (as we call the centre and far flung areas of our country). We had a ball. Another time we had a month in Tasmania, the beautiful island at the bottom of Australia. Very arty, very lush and pictureque except where they’ve cut down wonderful forests for paper!We call our oldies who venture onto the road ‘grey nomads’ and there are many of them. CheersJune in Oz

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