September 29, 2008 Are they making us ill?

It is hot here again today. I have an ear infection but am fighting valiantly…dizzy, dizzy dame!

The day passed with out much notice but I do not like to feel sick…I just don’t get sick very often. We might play golf tomorrow…or not!!!

We are watching CNN live almost all the time now. I feel even worse as I watch people’s retirement and investments slip away.

This is not some wild theory of science or political diatribe. This is people getting mad at Nancy Pelosi and then voting no because their feeling were hurt. Have they forgotten about us?

I am not sure but I think that the mess that our government has gotten us in and the inability of our representative to work together might be what makes me ill. I grew up with stories of the Great Depression and trust me, even if we are very angry with Wall Street or the Democrats or the Republican we do not want to go there. It was quite simply awful. So what do you think? Are they driving you nuts too? Are you feeling ill?



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