The Dream

City Lights, Portland, Oregon
winter, 2008

The apartment is at the top of the building. There is a view of city lights and slow moving traffic. Music is playing in the background and a lone woman is dancing. The divan is gray tweed and pillows piled at the ends are made of colorful Thai silk.

The cocktails are waiting on the tray that has been placed on the table near the window and there is laughter in the background. A beautiful woman is dressed in basic black. A group of guest sit talking about the latest book to strike their fancy.

The special guest that is to meet the dancing lady has not arrived so the party has not begun, not really.

She gazes around the empty room. The dream is so real. The time would be long ago when romance was alive. Tomorrow would not be guaranteed nor did it really matter. What was would always be more important than what might be.


A little flash fiction…127 words!
I tried for 100 but could not or maybe didn’t want to cut any more.


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