The Telephone Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Write from the POV of an inanimate object involved in an action scene.

The house sat at the bottom of the canyon.
It was where they lived.
A place that was
symbolic of this relationship;
Could the phone change all that?

When the telephone rang they both jumped. The long silence that followed the latest quarrel had been deafening…for them both. The phone waited to be answered and the person on the other end twiddled thumbs while staring at the ceiling. No one moved.

The second time it rang more urgently. It was as though it knew that if they didn’t move now, it would never be over. The quarrel would turn into a vow of silence and then there would be recriminations. The final thing that would happen in the house they shared would be the dead line. The phone would never came to life again.

The third ring told them both that it was now or never. She rose, touched the receiver then lifted it to her ear. It was the phone company. They said someone had called to have the phone disconnected. Was that really what she and her husband wanted or was it simply a mistake? She looked at him and realized that they needed to talk. No, she said, it was a mistake…the phone needed to stay connected.



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