What’s My Style?

Sunday Scribblings
My Style

No baby pink for me!

I cannot wear baby pink! It is just a simple fact. Baby pink makes me feel weak and helpless. I don’t like baby blue…it just make me feel…like a baby in blue. I don’t want my yellow or green faded and pastel. I make me feel like I have washed my clothes too much.

I like bright colors, orange, red, yellow, black and pure while. There is no way to go wrong when I wear red!

Am I quiet and reserved? …sometimes. I am very shy and regret talking to much if I get loud at a party. I am a good listener and get a lot of information in not very much time. I had to learn to look people in the eye. I had to learn to ask questions even when I did not want to hear the answer.

I love expensive clothes and beautiful department stores in big, loud and vibrant cities. I am not afraid…not anymore.

What is my style…classy I hope. At the very least I want to be stylish! Oh did I mention that I love to dance! 🙂




5 thoughts on “What’s My Style?

  1. Hi Barbara, I love bright colours too – why not be bold? Red especially works for me. :)And I share the same dislike for baby blue, even if I must say I sometimes fall for the light pink.

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