Scandalous Senior Citizens…sigh!!!!

Sunday Scribblings
November 2 2008

Dear family,

I thought I should let you know how things are going in the park.

Here in the Waiting Room For Heaven RV Resort there are scandalous mysterious, surreal, and hilarious events….daily. I recently told a new arrival it is a bit like living in the twilight zone!

Just to give you all an update, we are still living in a RV resort where we own a little semi-permanent mobile home called a park model. As you might remember it is a little wider and longer that a motor home. A porch has been added on then enclosed. It is called an Arizona Room (Florida Room) and we use it in the winter to gather sunlight and entertain a crowd. Mine is now the home for my computer.

The “Waiting Room for Heaven” is a nick name I use. While many of us are younger, many of the older residents have been here for over 20 years. Their children come to visit and they look older than I do. Here we learn that age is relative and heaven is a short time away. Everyone lives as though there were no tomorrow. Personally I love it here. When you come to visit you will see what I mean.

With in a week a lot can happen in a group of people, a little old, acting a little young. This week the rumor is circulating that there is a prostitute in the park…all the women are wanting to know what she looks like. One person said she was blond and another thought her hair was black and she drove a Mercedes. The men just want to know where she lives!

My friend C. got false teeth this last summer…at a real dentist in the United States. The choices are limited when you are not near Mexico. When you live here you can go across the border and get fitted for false teeth or a new what ever you want. It is a real bargain I am told. We have good insurance so we don’t need to go to Mexico…yet. The rumor in the park is that insurance companies are paying for medical expenses incurred south of the border. It turns out the insurance companies don’t want to pay anymore than they have to, or so I am told.

Another friend comes from Missouri where his father bought his teeth and eye glasses out of a wooden barrel. The eye glasses where all thrown in as people died and the living would come and try them on until they found something that fit. The same applied to the teeth only the teeth were sorted out by the color of the plastic gums. The system seemed to work really well in Missouri…we may be onto something here.

Our park social director has lost a lot of weight and there is some discussion about what diet she used. There are those of us that think we know her secret…or at least who should take the credit/blame. There are several queens and kings in this place. Queen Whine and King Complain are prominent figures and they don’t like the music/food/flowers/noise and Bocce ball! Thank heavens the rest of us keep them under control or the director might just fade away. I did tell you that the rest of us are without a flaw of any kind. We are perfect as an Arizona sunset.

There are two new convertibles in the park this year. The red one is our favorite although the white T-bird is not a bad car either. We are all very envious but still pretend we like the wives that drive them. We may need a ride one day and a girl does look good in a convertible.

The cocktail hour has moved to the corner behind our park model. We over look the tennis and pickle ball courts. We are not at all sure what pickle ball is but the court is absolutely gorgeous. Cactus wrens, flickers, quail and rabbits gather on the courts to feed on the huge cactus that hangs over the fence. We are thinking though that Pickle Ball has nothing to do with birds or pickles for that matter.

Someone went wandering down the middle of the street the other night to check and see if their friends had come in yet. They had on their pajamas. They said they had checked in every direction and there was not a light or a sound. No sooner had she stepped past her driveway than the security golf cart came zooming around the corner. People are going to talk when that leaks out…they will be suspicious that she is the lady of the evening everyone is wondering about.

Political ranting is the order of the day. It will probably be a good thing when November 4Th has come and gone. We haven’t hurt each other yet and hardly anyone owns a gun. But still it could get ugly if it went on to much longer!

I hope you are all doing well. It is hot here but it will cool off into the 70’s and 80’s during this week. It has been over 90 degrees for quite a while now. When you come from the Portland, Oregon to Arizona, it takes quite a while to even figure out how to dress. A woman my age should cover up…the whole body. The neighbors should be spared the pain of seeing what you see in the mirror every morning. But if it is 90, your dignity tends to shrink in importance and comfort says “To heck with the neighbors!” Sigh!

Enough for today. Have a good week!



6 thoughts on “Scandalous Senior Citizens…sigh!!!!

  1. What a lovely piece! The town where I live on the south coast of England is known as Gods Waiting Room because so many elderly people retire here. But it doesn’t souund half as much fun as this place.I’m in my early sixties and I’m a relative youngster!

  2. i still love the vagabond life you have … part of the time here,, the other part there,, and keep hoping that the world will wise up,, and let me get my rv and travel for a few years before i am too old to drive the damn thing!!!!!!!

  3. I hope that those of you that commented signed up for the email follow-up. Thank you for stopping by. As you all must know these stories contain a little truth and a lot of “tongue in cheek”. As they would have said after a TV show years ago, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Still, this is a special place and I love it.b

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