Changes in the Waiting Room for Heaven!

Dear Family and Friends,

The park always changes when the snow birds arrive. There is a great deal of laughter and everyone has been saving stories that need to be told. It takes a while for them to all settle in. Like the cranes that arrive in the south every year, the flock floats around for a bit before the wave settle and everyone goes about their business.

My friend m. has a brand new toilet brush. It is absolutely beautiful I am told. The most beautiful one in Tucson. She was the envy of everyone at the evening gathering and several friends wanted to know where she got it! I keep explaining to these people that I cannot be held accountable if I write about them. I can honestly state that I have never seen quite so much interest in the tool used to clean the urinal…ever!

I discovered that m. favorite toe nail fell off this summer and she had to have a fake one painted on for special occasion. A acrylic thumb nail that replaced the one that fell off after she slammed the thumb in the car door. Her fake nails helped her get through the occasion with a certain amount of dignity.

While we’re on the subject of things falling off, when C.’s two front teeth fell out during the summer, she was getting ready to celebrate her birthday…a big one with lots of gifts…birthday that is. The dentist tried super glue and wires with no success. She attended the festivities with two teeth missing, freaking out friends and small children.

We are in the process of purchasing a new park model in the The Waiting Room. The sellers had lost the title, mailed papers back and forth to their representative. They called him during the dinner hour every night for three weeks. It was only after they had the paper work completed that the old title actually reappeared. While I don’t know all the details, I do know there was cussing and frustration involved.

Mold was discovered in our flooded park model. My husband had thought he would take care of it himself until he realized that vapor locks, a hazmat suit, a mask and extremely hot weather was involved. We decided to pay someone to do it. It was the lesser of the two evils.

Every one is on a special diet it seems. Oats, flax seed meal, no eggs, no protein, no carbohydrates, no sweets, no wine and not much fun is to be had meal time. I think we have all come to agreement that living long is not all that much fun. We may opt for living less and loving life more.

The election is finally over and we are rejoicing big time. Friendships are enduring which is nothing short of a miracle. Other than the fact that I think that President Bush was wrong headed in most cases, I don’t have much ammunition against the rapid fire bad mouthing of democrats. I was trying to think what it was the bothered me about the other party and I realized that I didn’t like that they bad mouthed my party and hinted that I was ungodly and unpatriotic. Why do I have such a hard time telling people to stop, please? Sigh!

So I guess I had better sign off now. We have a new president elect, a new toilet bowl scrubber and my husband and I have moved, again. That should be enough change for one week.

Sending all my love,



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